Co-challenge: Students' Mental Fitness

The Public Health department of the City of Utrecht studies the health of Utrecht residents

Recently, there have been signals in the media that students’ perceived stress levels have increased. The City of Utrecht monitors the health of Utrecht residents with the Volksgezondheidsmonitor [Public Health Monitor]. The results from the Volksgezondheidsmonitor help professionals, policy makers and residents to expand their knowledge and make well-informed decisions.

A need exists for more insight into perceived stress among Utrecht students. By filling in this questionnaire, you will receive more insight into your own perceived stress. Also, you will contribute to the knowledge about this topic, which can be used to find out what is needed to reduce stress.

Filling in the questionnaire will take 5-10 minutes. Your responses will be processed anonymously. Even if you have never experienced stress before, it is important that you fill in the questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about stress and some questions about background characteristics like age, gender and study year.

For more information about this research you can contact Manja van Wezep via

Thank you very much for your cooperation!